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Child Minded brings the parenting skills of Sharon Pieters, an experienced Parenting Coach, into your home and leaves you with
real-world, practical child-rearing advice & assistance.



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•Child Minded solves parenting issues such as sleeping habits, structure and routine issues, disorganization, eating, and temper tantrums
•Child Minded brings you real workable parenting solutions by introducing you to Sharon Pieters, who was originally contracted for the Fox show "Nanny 911"
•Child Minded's Sharon believes that a third person's objective view is key in helping parents and their children to resolve behavioral issues
•Child Minded is a practical, real-life affordable approach to parenting help, and Sharon ensures that all family members walk away with new skills and a new attitude after spending time with her.
•Sharon has proven techniques in developing a workable sleep routine for your child







"In my 30 years of working with families, I have finally met a professional educator and parenting coach who I can sincerely and thoroughly endorse. People have different parenting styles and often find themselves asking, "Is there a better way?" Sharon Pieters possesses the exceptional talent to analyze the everyday child rearing problems that arise in families and with her insightful approach brings solutions to the place it is most needed, your own home. I recommend Sharon to women and men everywhere who are trying their best to understand why their children behave in the ways that baffle them, often triggering disappointment, hurt and frustration. Sharon offers simple, effective and practical solutions that bring order to the perceived chaos and quiet to the natural clamor of raising children."

Dr. Nancy Maloney
Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor


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