"I believe most parents have excellent natural abilities but their emotional attachment gets in their way. By engaging parents in an open and honest partnership, I am able to transform their lives by showing them practical, workable parenting techniques. This way, parents can live a balanced, enjoyable life with their little ones." -Sharon Pieters



About Us

about usSharon Pieters created Child Minded after consulting parents who were facing the day-to-day challenges that parents face when raising their little loved ones. After her contract on the Fox television show "Nanny 911," she decided to create Child Minded and bring her teaching and parenting skills to Moms and Dads who can use a helping hand.

She has a unique and innate ability to capture the essence of each individual child; and, because of this children become open to working with her. It's a talent honed through years of experience working with families in both the United States and England.

Sharon's 10 years of experience helping parents with their children ranging from newborns to teenagers, has always netted positive results. It's due to her keen observations and first-hand experience, that has enabled Sharon to develop her winning formulas for parents.

Prior to immigrating to the United States from South Africa, Sharon spent two insightful years travelling the world in order to study its various cultures.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science & MA in Clinical Psychology, and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.