"Dear Friends, As most of you know, while we couldn't get Harrison to stay in his bed throughout the night for THREE YEARS, Sharon got him to do it the FIRST NIGHT she was with us! The biggest miracle is that he has totally stayed out of our bed for the ten months since that time. The magic that Sharon has, is the ability to see areas where your family can improve and give you the tools to make things work better. I believe that every family can benefit from her expertise. My relationship with my kids has improved, they are more well-behaved and interact better with each other. Whether you have a specific issue that you want to address or just want to make the make the most of your family system, Sharon can help you."

- Jeni Radis - Chicago, IL

"Sharon had received a glowing recommendation from our dear friends whom we trust and respect a great deal. These are our friends who have it completely together - so why on earth would they need parenting help? My husband was extremely skeptical, but is now Sharon's BIGGEST FAN. With everything going on in our family, 4 children, full-time jobs, a newly diagnosed disease for our son, we needed to take back control and put things back on track. Sharon indeed changed our life! From the minute she walked in, she fit in with our family. Our children loved her and we loved having her around. After our second night when our kids were sleeping peacefully, I begged her to stay a few more days. I didn't think we could do it on our own. She will be fine... and she was right. Our kids are happier, and we are happier. A parent of one the children at our school was complementing our son on his manners etc., and proceeded to mention the problems she was having with her son. Out of the blue, my son piped up and said Mrs. need Sharon!"

- HUMPHREY family New York NY

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. Before you came to my house, I was at my wit's end, my son (3 1/2 at the time) would not listen to me, laughed at me when it came to consequences, and never (NEVER EVER) went to sleep at night by himself. My husband or I would lay in bed with him for hours until he fell asleep. I watched the Super Nanny show religiously and thought I was trying all the tactics they recommended, but still could not execute. Not until Sharon came and helped me every step of the way. I could not have followed through without Sharon physically here. Sharon helped and encouraged me to follow through where I normally would have given up and given in. I could never have imagined that within only a few days, my world would turn around for the better.

Before Sharon: I never went anywhere alone with my son because I was afraid he would not listen to me and be out of control... After Sharon: my son and I go shopping together, go out to eat and have some wonderful mother-son bonding time.

Before Sharon: I could not get my son in a Time Out... After Sharon: when I send my son to a Time Out, not only does he go and sit quietly, he also apologizes before he comes out. The Time Outs are much less frequent now since he knows that he is accountable for his behavior.

Before Sharon: We would spend hours trying to get our son to sleep. When we left him alone in his room, he would cry & come out, and we would give in by lying down with him until he fell asleep - ultimately he would end up in bed with us... After Sharon: She showed us to stick to a routine - my husband or I read him a book at night and then its "night-night" time. He goes to sleep in his bed, by himself. A miracle to say the least!

Sharon, you are such a warm person and I feel that I have made a true friend. As a parent we know what we should do and we have the best intentions, however the hardest part is to implement and stick to it! You showed me how to do this! I cannot thank you enough for the all the guidance and support. Every parent should have a Sharon in their life."

- PANICO family - New Jersey

"Here it is...7:53pm and all is quiet in the house. Amazing! I would like parents to know, it is ok to ask for help. We ask for help in other areas of our lives? Why not parenting? I really thought my soft loving approach with m 2 1/2 and 4 year old children was good for the them, however things got so bad that I was willing to do anything!!

Sharon came to our home for three full days. It was great! She is such a likable person and comfortable to be around. From the minute Sharon arrived...she started coaching me and showing me where the areas of improvement were.

The kids were in bed by 7:30-7:45 and the house was quiet. My husband and I were amazed and really didn't know what to do with ourselves. Sharon coached us on how to say NO and how to handle going out in public with the kids (boundaries). Sharon really showed me that what I wanted mattered and it wasn't always about the kids and what they wanted.

My daughter is like a different person, this was sooooo good for her. She wants to please and respect us now. I must say that one of the greatest outcomes from our experience is getting along with my husband again, we really feel like a team and we finally have some time to spend together.
Thank you Sharon!!!!"

- The Short Family - GEORGIA

"Dear Sharon,
Your parenting suggestions transformed our evening family time from chaos to comfort. My 7 year old son now goes to sleep calmly, whereas before, it took my husband and me up to 2 hours to get him to bed. We have gained a happier 7 year old who can play quietly by himself at times, and who is more respectful and calmer. He obviously feels safe and cared for within the sensible structure you provided. I feel as if our wonderful, 'real child' is back - affectionate and more loving. In addition, our older two children are grateful that evening time is more peaceful now; they can do their homework without being interrupted, and they end up going to sleep earlier themselves as a result of the calm and quiet. Additionally, my husband and I have evening time together (!) now that we have learned how to help our youngest go to bed at an age-appropriate time. You were patient and supportive, never judging our parenting flaws, and we are grateful for that, and for your sense of humor and affection for children. We highly recommend your services!"

- All the best,
C. and D. Carlson - NEW YORK

" Sharon has an incredible ability to assess family dynamics. She tactfully helped us to shift our dynamics with our children so that we, as parents, are back in control. My children are happier and more able to thrive within the boundaries they got from Sharon's techniques. We are most surpised to find that parenting doesn't have to be such frustrating and exhausting work. Thank you Sharon! "

- The Hunt Family - CHICAGO

about us" Sharon, I want you to know first and foremost that you are a beautiful person and our family is so lucky to have been graced with your presence. You have done an amazing job with Liam! It is just so awesome how you got to know him personally and recognized who he is as a little person. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Not only have you helped with Liam, but also you have helped my marriage tremendously by giving us our sanity back. May God bless you and the families you work with. I know we have been blessed to have you here. Our family has fallen in love with you, so please know that you always have a home in Indiana. "

- Alexis Hall - INDIANA

" Sharon, it is beginning to click that we will all be much more secure and content if our marriage comes first, and the children (us too!!) all learn to have and respect clearer-cut boundaries. What I loved about my time with you is that I honestly felt that you gave an accurate, grace-filled assessment of our situation. I connected with you quickly, as did the children. My husband was also very receptive to your input. I never felt judged by you, just truly encouraged. You helped me see that this isn't "beyond me” as I was really beginning to think it is!! It is true that I had lost sight of the forest for the trees! You confirmed things that were already rolling around in my head, but I was unable to clearly define, much less come up with a game plan to put into action.

The schedule has helped us look at our days in sections instead of a big blur!!! It seems that just the simple act of breaking the day up has helped us look at what we ARE accomplishing, and to make conscious decisions about what needs to go and what needs to be added.

I so desire our home to be a GOOD and SAFE place for souls to grow in love and life, to be nurtured and to grow wings. I guess this maybe comes from the loneliness I so often felt as a kid, even around others. I want our home to be LIFE-GIVING, not LIFE -SQUISHING!

Thank you Sharon for being a ray of light in our lives!! God bless your efforts as you help parents raise the next generation! Your counsel is much needed today. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! ”

Sincerely, the Christians --
Chris, Michelle, Alex, Leah, Michael, Rileigh, Gabrielle, Benjamin, and C.J. - ARIZONA

" Sharon, because of you, life is different from the huge drama and fussing we used to have over the bedtime routine. It’s better for all of us, being back in control. :)

The Schedule - wow, it works great! It is so nice to know that the time for me to get caught up is just around the corner. You gave us permission to simplify our lives and I can't tell you what a relief that is. You have put us on the right path and helped us get out of the overwhelmed state we were in. "

- Janet Stauffer - N. CALIFORNIA

" Spencer was a champ last night. I put him in at 7:40 pm and didn't open the door until 5:50 am. Thank you so much for everything, Sharon. I was soooo sad to see you go. Last week was amazing for me in so many different ways - an experience I will never forget. You truly are a special person. "

- Eileen Stein - CHICAGO

" Sharon came highly recommended by a friend in Chicago who had told me that she had literally changed their lives. Family life with three daughters close in age, and under the age of 7 years can get quite hectic: we were facing major sleep issues with all three girls, and Sharon was our only hope. After a couple of nights, Sharon had our girls sleeping in their own beds. Finally, our home is calmer, and our daughters understand Time Out's, boundaries & are so much better off because of them. Sharon's approach is real, honest, direct and truthful and she managed to blend into our family in a matter of hours. We couldn't recommend a better solution to parenting difficulties. For us, Sharon is the key to better parenting, and a
happier family life. "

- Haber family - NEW YORK

" Having three boys under five, including a set of twins, is a daunting task for any family. Over the years, the only consistent behavior in our household had been our inconsistency. My husband and I realized that we were ruled by our children, and I was desperately looking for an answer on how to take back the control. That's when Sharon came into our life. This was an investment that has literally changed our lives, and was truly the best money we've ever spent! Sharon came into our home and lovingly showed us that organization, structure and discipline were the cornerstone to our family's success. Sharon's sleeping technique proved to be a miracle and because of it we're finally well rested, with all boys sleeping in their OWN BEDS! "

- The Hassanzai Family - LOS ANGELES

" Sharon, I wanted to take a moment out of my busy day to let you know how much you have changed our lives. We had you come into our home to help transition our two boys from "co-sleeping" - my husband and Zach in one room and my infant with me in another room. Not only did you get them to sleep in their own rooms, but you empowered me to take control of my kids and my life and get our home organized and more manageable. We have been able to maintain everything you set up for us and our home is running smoothly. I can't say enough how valuable your services have been to our family. Thanks for everything. "

- Scott, Sandi, Zach and baby Lexton - MIAMI

" Sharon has changed our lives! We have two children with one on the way and her guidance has us helped us become a closer and happier family. Not only did she help me with getting my toddler to sleep in his own room but she provided us with parenting tools that we can use with all of our children. With her tips on scheduling and emphasizing that children need structure, I now feel I can be the best mother I can be, which in turn will affect my children in a positive way - THANK YOU SHARON !! "

- The Islas family - LOS ANGELES

" Sharon has not only improved my relationship with my two sons, but she has literally saved my marriage.
Sharon has shown us all how to be a more balanced family unit by integrating a workable schedule for my
sons (aged 8 and 9 years), thereby allowing more time for myself and my husband to reconnect. Sharon's
ability to transform my entire house into a functional, more organized living environment proved priceless. Sharon has a unique way of directing people with such a natural grace, that it was a pleasure having her work with us."

- The Hunt family - OREGON

" Sharon has a wonderful and unique ability to relate to children on a variety of levels. Sharon managed to effortlessly change our daughter's negative sleeping habits into a good one, and showed us an easier way to handle discipline. We will always look fondly on the time that she was able to spend with us. Sharon definitely left a very positive mark on all of our lives while showing us a fun, positive and workable way to raise our beautiful daughter. "

- The Markham Family - LOS ANGELES

" Sharon showed us the importance of being on the same "team"as parents, and this proved the most invaluable tool in raising our two children. She instilled a loving but firm way to handle our teenage daughter, and because of this we're getting through those difficult years smoothly. All in all, Sharon has shown us that life with children can be a fun, happy and fulfilling experience. "

- The Stockton family - LONG BEACH, CA

" We could not have achieved, on our own, what Sharon did for our two sons in a matter of hours. Her time with us has proved priceless. Our sons are happier and better adjusted and we're now all getting a decent night's sleep. A session with Sharon in our home has changed our lives. "

- Joyce Thomas - LONG BEACH, CA

" When Sharon first came to me and said, "There is an easier way, Laila", I had no idea how much easier my life as a mother would become. Sharon illustrated first hand how to organize my home in order to accommodate my toddler's needs, and she helped implement a workable sleep routine, which today is still very much in place. Both my husband and I loved having Sharon work with us, as we could feel that she absolutely connected with us and our child in a loving and nurturing manner, and to us that was the key. "

- Laila Rosenthal - ALABAMA